Flexible Quantity – Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce


Flexible Quantity – Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce is a plugin that will let you sell products based on their weight, dimension, area, or volume. Your customers will be able to choose the quantity of a new unit of measure. You will be able to set the price for the unit, set the increment value of the unit, and set the minimum and maximum product quantity.


See the main features of the free version:

  • Measurement price calculator for WooCommerce products,
  • Extend the WooCommerce product with new units and prices,
  • Set the minimum and maximum product quantity,
  • Select the unit of measure for the product whose quantity you are selling,
  • Cost calculator based on unit, weight, dimension, area, and volume,
  • Use advanced quantity settings for a standard unit (item),
  • Use decimal values for the increment and min/ max quantity settings of your WooCommerce products,
  • Price by Weight (g, kg, t, oz, lbs, tn),
  • Product price based on dimension (mm, cm, m, km, in, ft, yd, mi),
  • Sell products depending on the area (sq mm, sq cm, sq m, sq km, acs, ha, sq. in., sq. ft., sq. yd.),
  • Choose the volume of the product (ml, l, cup, pt, qt, gal, fl. oz.),
  • Products with volume dimensions (cu cm, cu m, cu. in, cu. ft., cu. yt.),
  • Calculate inventory per unit and based on the product,
  • Boost your WooCommerce with advanced settings for product quantities and units of measure,
  • Compatible with the Flexible PDF Invoices for WooCommerce & WordPress plugin. Sell with new units of measure and show them on your WooCommerce PDF invoices!

Visit Flexible Quantity Docs to see all features of the plugin & how to set up the measurement calculator for your WooCommerce products.

PRO Features

Do you need a more complex solution like setting unit dimensions, a pricing table for ranges, and shipping costs based on the product quantity? You may achieve it and better manage the cost based on measurement price calculation with Flexible Quantity Calculator for WooCommerce PRO.

See some of its features:

  • [PRO] Enable the unit dimensions and unit measurement price calculator,
  • [PRO] Add the label for the unit dimension field,
  • [PRO] Fixed or user-based value of the dimension,
  • [PRO] Set the minimum and maximum values for the unit dimensions,
  • [PRO] Define the dimension increment value for flexible price calculation formulas,
  • [PRO] Choose different units of measure for unit dimensions,
  • [PRO] Add or hide dimensions of the product,
  • [PRO] Product pricing based on the dimension and dynamic unit measurement calculations,
  • [PRO] Define the unit dimensions names,
  • [PRO] See the product price upfront based on the customer input,
  • [PRO] Enable pricing table for ranges,
  • [PRO] Shipping class based on the product quantity,
  • [PRO] WooCommerce quantity based product pricing and flexible shipping cost,
  • [PRO] Dynamic Price per quantity,
  • [PRO] Add custom units of measure, for example, box, bundle, or pallet.

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The Flexible Quantity for WooCommerce plugin is available in:

  • English
  • Polish

You may help us translate the plugin.


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Support Policy

We provide support for the free version in the plugin Support Forum. You may purchase the PRO to receive priority e-mail support as well as all PRO features. Upgrade Now →

Flexible Quantity in a nutshell

Flexible Quantity – Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce is a plugin you need when you want to sell products based on unit, size, area, weight, or volume.

The plugin helps you create unit-based pricing in WooCommerce. Define and sell products per unit of measure. The plugin will calculate the product price based on the buyer’s choices. You will also be able to choose the increment steps for your customers and set the minimum or maximum quantity of the product.

You can use advanced quantity settings of the increment and min/max quantities with decimal values for your WooCommerce products!

The PRO version will help you achieve pricing based on quantity. You will also be able to define unit dimensions and let your users decide about the exact size or volume. What’s more, the shipping cost (through a dynamic shipping class) will depend on the quantity of the product. Get the quantity measurement calculator and flexible shipping for your WooCommerce store!

Also, in the PRO version, you can add custom units of measure like box, bundle, or pallet.


Let us know about more functionalities you would like to see in the plugin 🙂

Currently, we focus on better compatibility with Flexible Invoices and other invoicing plugins.


  • Enable the measurement price calculator for a WooCommerce product.
  • Set the new unit of measure for a simple product in WooCommerce.
  • The new unit of measurement on the WooCommerce product page - price calculator based on the quantity of the new unit.
  • Set the new unit of measure (area).
  • Choose the new unit of measurement - weight, dimension, area, and volume for your WooCommerce products.
  • Calculate Inventory and Sold Individually options for better management of the product inventory.
  • How to use the new unit of measurement and instructions about the plugin settings.
  • Additional options in the PRO version of the Flexible Quantity plugin.
  • Decimal values for WooCommerce product quantity increment.
  • Add custom units of measure in WooCommerce.


You can install the plugin like any other WordPress plugin.
1. Download and unzip the latest release of the plugin.
2. Upload the entire plugin directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in the WordPress Administration.

You can also use WordPress uploader to upload the plugin zip file in WordPress menu Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin. You can find and install the plugin through your Plugins menu with a search bar too.


How can I use this WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin?

After installing the plugin, edit the product for which you want to enable the quantity calculation. Go to the Product Data section -> Flexible Quantity. Enable the calculator settings and choose the unit for the product (weight, dimension, area, or volume).

Choose the unit and its price. Also, set the increment value for the quantity at which the price will be increased. You may also set the minimum and maximum range for the quantity.

How to limit the WooCommerce product quantity?

You can do this by enabling the measurement calculator for the product in the Product Data -> Flexible Quantity. You will be able to set the minimum and maximum range, and also the quantity increment value.

When to use the plugin?

The plugin works for WooCommerce products. It will help you build the quantity measurement calculator extending the default product options in WooCommerce.

The price will depend on the product quantity and a new unit of measure like size, weight, area, or volume.

You may benefit from the plugin if you need quantity and dimension-based prices for your products and services. Use the plugin for dynamic pricing calculations for services, agencies, fees, diet planners, cost estimations, building renovation offers, etc.

What are the benefits of Flexible Quantity Measurement Calculator for WooCommerce?

Flexibility, that’s for sure! By default, WooCommerce lets you use simple quantity-based prices. Here are the most important things you get with the plugin:

  • new unit of measure for your products and services,
  • one, two, and three-dimensional units of measure,
  • unit dimensions based on the user input (PRO),
  • dynamic price by unit,
  • quantity increment,
  • limit quantity per product,
  • independent settings for each product,
  • price calculation formulas tailored to your needs,
  • flexible settings for dimensions (PRO),
  • increment, minimum and maximum values for unit dimensions (PRO),
  • pricing table (PRO),
  • dynamic shipping cost based on the quantity (PRO).

Is it possible to use decimal values?

Yes. You may use decimal quantity settings for WooCommerce products with new units of measure or a standard one (item). Decimals will work for the increment value and minimum and maximum quantity settings. Read more about Advanced product quantities, decimals, and new units in WooCommerce!

May I limit the quantity per product and set increment for a standard unit of measure?

Yes, it’s possible. After enabling the Flexible Quantity settings for a WooCommerce product, you may stay with the default unit of measure (item). Read more on How to limit quantity per product with minimum and maximum values; and set increment quantity in WooCommerce!

Can I allow users to decide about the unit dimensions?

Yes. You can enable the advanced settings for the unit dimensions in the PRO version of the plugin. You may set the fixed values or let buyers enter them on the product page. You may also choose the default increment value for the unit dimension and set its range (the minimum and maximum values).

The plugin will let you add flexible and independent unit dimensions for WooCommerce products. The customer will see the instant cost calculation directly on the product page. That will enhance your WooCommerce with a flexible Measurement Price Calculator based on customer input.

Read how to add product dimensions in WooCommerce!

Is it possible to show new units of measure on the WooCommerce invoices?

Yes. You can show new units of measure like weight, dimension, area, density, and volume on invoices with the Flexible PDF Invoices for WooCommerce & WordPress plugin. The Flexible Invoices are compatible with Flexible Quantity, so the new units will appear on your WooCommerce PDF invoices automatically. Read more about setting and adding new units of measure on such PDF invoices.

Can I add custom units of measure?

Yes. It’s possible in the PRO version of the plugin. You may add multiple custom units that will then be ready to use for WooCommerce products! Read more about Advanced product quantities, decimals, and new units in WooCommerce!

Is the plugin translation ready?

Yes. You may translate it and also add your translation for other users of the plugin.

The plugin is translation ready. Read more about translating WordPress plugins.


4 de mayo de 2023 1 reply
Hello Please watch this issue in Flexible Quantity - Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce (item):20 Total Other (item):20 How to remove this from site Item and Total Other (item fields)
2 de septiembre de 2022 2 replies
This plugin worked the best with my webshop (also with the export orders plugin), does it`s just. The downsides: you can`t give decimals for products eg. 0.5 kg - for this, you need to use grams and divide the price of your product to match 1g. Also it overwrites the selected language of the Wordpress site and the buttons on the shop page will have english text eg. "Select options" which cannot be changed in any known way.
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