iFolders – Ultimate WordPress Media, Pages, Posts Folder Manager


Do you have many posts, pages or media files in your WordPress site? iFolders plugin helps you to manage them easily and quickly. It allows you to mange thousands of your files, posts, pages and custom post types. This plugin takes WordPress to the next level.



There are several ways for you are using the ifolders manager plugin to organize your WordPress data. Keep all your posts & pages as well as media files (images, music, videos) structured using directories and subdirectories. Organize all data into collections by certain criteria, such as date, topic, keyword or some event.

Don’t worry, the plugin doesn’t change your WordPress data, it expands your ability to manage and catalog it. Adding a post, page, media or other item into a folder will do not change their data.


The plugin iFolders allows for the creation of an unlimited number of folders and subfolders which can be easily repositioned to suit your needs.

To organize your media library, posts, and pages even more quickly, you can move multiple items at once by placing them in a folder or moving folders within other folders in just seconds, reducing the number of clicks required.

It is possible to select and move multiple items (media files, posts, pages, and etc) simultaneously by placing them into a destination folder. Additionally, multiple folders can also be selected and reorder them at once.

You can easily create new folders and organize them into a tree structure by dragging and dropping them in the desired location. This allows you to quickly organize your content the way you want.

Choose the way items are sorted within a folder. You can sort by name, date, modification, or author, depending on your preferences.

User can search folders and show only those that contain a specific word or phrase in their title. You can use the ‘*’ or ‘?’ wildcards, they can be used to represent many characters or a single character in a folder name.

You can categorize all WordPress built-in post types, including media files, posts, pages, and users, in order to organize them more effectively.

The plugin supports folders for WooCommerce lists, including products, orders, and coupons. This allows you to quickly organize and manage your woocommerce content, saving you time and effort.

The plugin makes it easy to move media files, either individually or in bulk, between folders. You can also quickly create, rename, delete, and arrange folders to organize your content the way you want.

User can drag & drop items to a folder by hand. It is the easiest way to use, especially on an iPad or other touch device.

The plugin allows you to select a folder and upload your new files directly into it, saving you time and effort. Yet another great little time-saver.

The plugin allows you to resize the iFolders sidebar containing your folders to your liking, and also lets you toggle it on or off as needed. Your custom sidebar size setting will be saved for future use.

Easy add, rename, or delete folders with just a click. If you delete a folder, your data will not be lost – it will be automatically moved to the «Uncategorized» folder so you can still access it later.

Set a color for your folders, making it easy to add a touch of color to your organization. Simply select the folder and choose the color you want. This allows you to make your folders more visually appealing with just a few clicks.

If you need any additional features that are not currently included in the plugin, please let us know by leaving us a feedback. We are always open to suggestions and may be able to implement your ideas in future versions of the plugin.


One of the main features of the plugin is the ability to assign permissions to user groups. Group users can manage and organize folders together, either separately from each other or mixed. Create a group, add users to it, define permissions that the user can view, add, edit, delete and assign folders. Then assign this group to collections of folders (e.g., page folders, post folders, media folders, etc.). There are truly wide-ranging possibilities for user access permissions.


We understand that not all themes and plugins have the same structure and, as result, they are different, which is why we strive to ensure extra compatibility. This means that iFolders will seamlessly integrate and work with various builders during the process of building your website.

* Gutenberg – modern built-in WordPress block editor
* Classic Editor – classic built-in WordPress editor
* Elementor – leading website builder platform on WordPress
* Beaver – page builder you can trust with your business
* Bricks – amazing block editor with many templates
* Brizy – next-gen website builder that anyone can use
* and more…

* Avada – swiss army knife of WordPress themes
* Divi – most popular WordPress theme in the world
* BeTheme – more than just WordPress theme
* Bridge – not just a theme, it’s a collection of amazing examples
* Flatsome – multi-purpose responsive WooCommerce theme
* and more…


  • We do not collect or retain any information about our visitors or users
  • We also do not transmit any data to external servers
  • The purpose of our folder manager plugin is to help organize the WordPress media library, pages, posts and custom post types



Setup is easy and takes only a few minutes.

  1. Download the plugin from wordpress.org, unpack it and upload the [iFolders] folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to your main WordPress menu > Media to create a folder and manage your files.

You’re done. Enjoy.


Why should I use iFolders?

You can easily organize posts, pages, media library and custom post types into folders using this plugin. Create many folders and sub-folders as you want, nest them any way you like, сolor that need extra attention.

I installed the plugin, what’s next?

After activation the plugin will enable the folder manager for media library and pages automatically for admin user. Just go to the Pages or Media library screen and start to organize your items (pages, media files) inside the WordPress admin area. You should see the left panel with toolbar, click the «folder with plus» button to add your first folder, type it’s name and set the color.

What happens when a folder is deleted?

When you delete a folder, all items (pages, posts, media files, etc.) that were assigned to that folder are not deleted. The link between them and the folder is simply deleted, after which all elements become available and visible in a special virtual directory ‘Uncategorized’.

If a folder is deleted will the media file in the folder be deleted too?

No, only the folder is removed.

Is it possible for any user to create and modify folders?

Everything is under the control of the administrator. Our iFolders plugin has fine-tuned permissions. You can set permissions on folders for each user. This means that a user can create/view/edit folders created by himself and cannot view/edit folders created by other users. You can also combine users into groups to work with shared folders. It is also possible to give full rights to the folder tree to one user and read-only rights to the rest.

Can the folders sidebar be hidden?

Yes, if you want to hide the folders sidebar, just click the ‘toggle’ button (above the current screen page title). To back this sidebar, click this button again.

Does iFolders work with Gutenberg?

Absolutely! iFolders is compatible with the new block editor is called Gutenberg.

Does iFolders work with page builders?

Without a doubt, iFolders works with most popular web page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Blocks and many others. If a page constructor or a third-party plugin uses the standard WordPress media modal dialog to select images, the plugin will also work and display folders.

How many sites is a iFolders license valid for?

iFolders Pro license is valid for one domain (including subdomains).

Does the plugin change or touch the uploads directory?

No. The folders created by our plugin are virtual, so the WordPress uploads directory remains untouched, as does its content in the form of media files.

I’d like access to more features and support. How can I get this?

You can get access to more features and support by visiting the CodeCanyon website and purchasing the pro version. Purchasing the plugin gets you to access to the full version of the iFolders WordPress plugin, automatic updates and support.


5 de marzo de 2023 3 replies
HiThank you for this very useful and excellent pluginWhat is the difference between free and pro version?
19 de febrero de 2023
Does exactly what it should, even in the free version.However, I will most likely get the full version, which is offered at a fair price. Simple and straightforward, thanks to the developer!!!
9 de febrero de 2023
This plugin is very practical I have a lot of files on my site and I have tried many plugin but this is the best as it contains options and colors.
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  • Fix: old MySQL versions do not support expression CURRENT_TIMESTAMP


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  • New: support builders: Bricks, Beaver, Brizy, Elementor, Avada Theme and etc


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