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Accessibly app is known as the best Accessibility Plugin for Shopify stores. With more than 4000+ active websites, now we are providing the best accessibility for your WordPress site too.

Accessibly Plugin was developed keeping the best web accessibility practices and accessibility standards in mind and a mission to provide everyone with equal access to your website. We have based our WordPress plugin on the official W3 practices and guidelines to help your website become ADA/WCAG compliant. And not only that — our app has been reviewed by the visually impaired community to improve our WordPress plugin. Increase your site’s accessibility and tackle your accessibility issues today with our Accessibility plugin!

We are always trying to find new ways to make our accessibility tool feature list lengthier and more beneficial for everyone. Here is a list of some of our helpful accessibility features:

  • Bigger text. Increase the font size of the text on your website up to 3 times! Some elderly or visually impaired users will be thankful for this increased font size feature.

  • Bigger cursor. Make the cursor on the site more significant so it is easier to find and follow it. This is an excellent feature for the elderly and some visually impaired users.

  • Invert colors. A feature that fully inverts the colors on your website. This feature is beneficial for some visually impaired users.

  • Increase contrast. Make the content of your website stand out more. This feature helps different types of visually impaired users.

  • Decrease contrast. Make your website appear with less color contrast. This helps to focus on the website more for some people who perceive information better in low luminance.

  • Increase brightness. Make your website elements a bit brighter. This is a great tool for visually impaired visitors. Additionally, it works great when you are in a very bright setting (like sunny outdoors!), and you need to make a website a bit brighter.

  • Decrease brightness. A feature makes your website appear a bit darker. Not only a great tool for visually impaired visitors but also, for example, this can be beneficial when you are in a dark environment where the lowest monitor brightness setting is not enough.

  • Grayscale. This feature is beneficial for some visually impaired users.

  • Reading line. Enable a line that follows along the cursor on your website. This benefits some elderly and people with visual impairment.

  • Readable fonts. Websites’ fonts used throughout the internet might appear beautiful, but they can be hard on some visitors’ eyes. These Readable fonts cool feature updates website fonts with a Helvetica font — which is proven as one of the best font type for eyes.

  • Highlight links. A feature that makes the links stand out more.

  • Hide images. This will remove all images on your site, making it easier for some to focus on the written content.

  • Read page. This feature is beneficial for some users as this feature reads website content out loud. This works like your local website’s screen reader.

  • AI-Generated Image Alt tags. Alt Tags is a text alternative for any visual content displayed on your website. This is very beneficial for people using screen readers, as they describe what is shown in an image based on these alt tags. If you haven’t added alt tags manually to your visual content, don’t worry — our AI tool can generate it for you in seconds!

…and many more features! We are always trying to improve accessibility by improving our accessibility plugin. If you have an idea or suggestion for us, feel free to reach out to our support!

Accessibly plugin’s accessibility settings can also be opened using a TAB key shortcut on a keyboard. This is because many visually impaired users are browsing your site using keyboard navigation only — and this specific key is the most popular shortcut used among visitors who are using keyboard only navigation.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

When thinking about WordPress site accessibility, many people think only about how to become WCAG or ADA compliant, so website owners don’t get sued, which in our minds, is not the right approach to website accessibility standards. When your WordPress website is not accessible, you miss a large internet user base. We should strive to make your WordPress website and other WordPress sites accessible.

Web accessibility is not a sprint — it is a marathon. It is a continuous process that should require your attention whenever you are doing edits or posting new content on your entire site. Accessibility issues can arise almost anywhere and anytime if you are not paying enough attention. Whether it starts from sufficient contrast (Not having light text on a light background!), adding ARIA Labels, add skip links feature, or Closed Captions (CCs) on your WordPress site videos — that should be the first stepping stone when you look in the direction of web accessibility. Website accessibility starts with your input by resolving current accessibility issues on your website, which only then is followed by accessibility plugins or other accessibility tools. If you need assistance resolving accessibility issues, feel free to contact our plugin support, and we will assist you!

Other web accessibility tools can be helpful in the process of making your website accessibility work. For example, we always recommend using some accessibility site checkers from the official W3 website. Make your website accessible – your site visitors and potential clients will be thankful.

Accessibly Plugin Installation & Customization

Accessibly plugin does not edit your website’s existing code or tweak your theme files. Add Accessibly Plugin to your site from the WordPress Plugin market, and you are good to go!

If you wish to edit your accessibility toolbar or Accessibly widget, head to your WordPress dashboard. From there, you will be able to change the Accessibly plugin’s colors to match your website’s branding, enable/disable accessibility features and change how your Accessibility plugin feels and looks. WordPress accessibility is not complicated; you must be willing to put in a little effort!

Contact Us!

If you have any questions on our accessibility plugin or any of our accessibility features, want to learn more about wp accessibility, or wish to make your site accessible — reach out to our support. We will be glad to assist you!



  • Get Accessibly either via the WordPress plugin market here, or via the default built-in Plugin Installer under your WordPress website;

  • After you installed the plugin, you can access it on the left sidebar under your WordPress admin panel;

  • First thing you will be presented with the billing options. Don’t worry, you can check if this was the right solution for you — you won’t be charged right away, we have a 7 day free trial;

  • You’re all set!

If you experience any issues downloading our accessibility plugin, please reach out to our support!


Does Accessibly Guarantee Full Compliance with ADA/WCAG?

Based on the guidelines (WCAG), we can help you achieve compatibility but we cannot guarantee that. Let us explain — as we are a third party plugin, as all of the plugins you see under this category, we cannot tweak your website’s code and resolve all issues coming up from your site itself. This ties in with the fact that ADA is a non-delegable duty, meaning your code must be accessible and you cannot delegate this responsibility to a third party.

However — our features help users to browse your site and achieve what they are looking for. In addition to our features available in the widget, we have added background features such as “skip to content”, “skip to menu”, “skip to footer” to maximize the usability of your site.

In addition to our Accessibly app, we suggest to scan your website using this ADA compliance tool— As previously mentioned, accessibility starts with your own site.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please reach out to our customer support and we will be happy to assist you!

How Can I Improve My Website’s accessibility?

Website accessibility is an ongoing process rather than a one-time job you did years ago. Whenever you add new content, whether that’s blog posts or just images for visual enhancement purposes on your website—every update must be accessible by all of the visitors to your site!

All of this might sound overwhelming. But don’t worry — once you install and add Accessibly plugin to your website, scan your site with an automated ADA/WCAG tool. One great option we recommend to our clients is WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool. This tool will let you know of the existing accessibility issues you have on site. Of course, additional manual review is necessary along with these automated scans.

After existing accessibility issues have been resolved, you can visit the official Web Accessibility Initiative website to learn more about the actions you can take to maintain your website accessible to your site’s visitors.

Can I place Accessibly’s widget icon in a specific spot on the website and not have it follow users around?

Yes, placing the Accessibility widget as a static element is possible! We have a feature on our premium plan called «Custom Trigger»—it lets you set the Widget somewhere on the site of your choice(Navigation bar or footer are the most often used options between our clients!).

How to Implement Accessibly Custom Trigger Feature for WordPress Site?

Important—the custom trigger implementation process requires some technical skills. Follow these steps to implement the Custom Trigger feature:
1. Log into your Stand-alone Accessibly Admin Panel Dashboard and head over to the “Advanced” Feature section.
2. Here in these fields, you have to add the element ID you wish to trigger.
If you run into any issues or technical help here is needed, please reach out to our client support team.

Accessibly App is active, but not displaying on my WordPress Site

If you can open up Accessibly Widget menu with the “Tab” key, then the issue most likely lies under advanced settings. To troubleshoot this, please:
Log into your Accessibly Admin Panel
Check if these fields are empty. If they are filled out, please remove any containing information.
If these fields are empty and the widget still is not showing up, please reach out to our support team.


28 de agosto de 2023
After plugin update version 2.7.7 to 3.0.2 my website is dead! There Has Been a Critical Error on Your Website
12 de diciembre de 2022
There are many accessiblity plugins available, but by far this is the best one I could find. Super easy install, team answered questions I had quickly. I would give 10 stars if that would be possible!!!
28 de noviembre de 2022
Had some issues with it at first but then developers from support helped me to resolve them, now it works like a charm. thank you.
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