Push Notifications for WP & AMP


Push Notifications for WP & AMP makes it easy to send Web Push notifications to your users for FREE with 2 Mins setup Documentation.

Send push notifications automatically when a post is published or updated. You can also send custom notifications from the app dashboard. The audience reports and campaign reports are available as well.


  • Free & Easy setup
  • PWA Friendly (with offline push notifications)
  • AMP Compatibility
  • Native WordPress Integration
  • Notifications : Notifications appear as message alerts.
  • Publishing a post will trigger push notifications.
  • Update a post a draft will not trigger push notifications.

Pro Features:

  • Send Notification as per Segmentation
  • Send Notification as per Categories
  • Send notification to iOS users

  • Continuous Development: We will be working hard to continuously develop this Push Notification solution and release updates constantly so that your forms can continue to work flawlessly.

  • Dashboard System Status which helps you understand the setup status of the Push Notification.
  • More Push Notification Features Coming soon.

We Act Fast on Feedback!
We are actively developing this plugin and our aim is to make this plugin into the #1 solution for Push Notification in the world. You can Request a Feature or Report a Bug.

Technical Support
Support is provided in Forum. You can also Contact us, our turn around time on email is around 12 hours.

Would you like to contribute?
You may now contribute to this Push Notification plugin on Github: View repository on Github


How to install and use this Push Notification plugin?

After you Active this plugin, and go the push notification Options settings to connect API accordingly.

How do I report bugs and suggest new features?

You can report the bugs for this Push Notification plugin here

Will you include features to my request?

Yes, Absolutely! We would suggest you send your feature request by creating an issue in Github . It helps us organize the feedback easily.


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Contributors & Developers

“Push Notifications for WP & AMP” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.32 (02 February 2024)

  • Added: New feature send notification for a specific/individual post-publication #29
  • Added: Show subscribers (active and expired) separately.#72
  • Added: Provide email field in support form #78
  • Enhancement : Code improvement #82
  • Fixed: Notification Apostrophe issue and spelling error.#80
  • Fixed: Plugin is not being deactivated on multisite #83
  • Fixed: Conflict issue with campaigns #73
  • Enhancement: Test with WordPress 6.4 and update readme.txt #77

1.31 (30 October 2023)

  • Added: Added Option to export Users from User’s section in push notification #57.
  • Added: Added a filter/ function to send a push notification to specific users. #67.
  • Added: Added an option to schedule push notifications. #64.

1.30 (18 October 2023)

  • Added: Added Notification badge on the PWA icon #212.
  • Bug Fixed: Push notification is not working on IOS. #468

1.29 (14 September 2023)

  • Added: Need to add support to display badge on mobile PWA icon #821.
  • Bug Fixed: Push notification is not working on IOS. #66.

1.28.1 (11 Aug 2023)

  • Bug Fixed: Fixed an escaping issue.

1.28 (10 Aug 2023)

  • Added: Feature which send custom notification to users.(Pro API) #58
  • Added: Push Notification support in Web Apps for iOS (Pro API) #56
  • Added: Category Segmentation for push notification (Pro API)
  • Improvement : Test with WordPress 6.3 and update readme.txt #60

1.27 (17 May 2023)

  • Added: We need to create a dashboard report in WordPress, the same as we get in the push notification. #52
  • Added: Needs to create an option where users are able to upload an image from the media library. #53
  • Bug Fixed: Clicks are not getting counted in the push notification dashboard. #51
  • Enhancement: Checkbox should be clickable on label click #54

1.26 (10 March 2023)

  • Bug Fixed: Redirect to a 404 page by clicking the «Subscribe for notification» button on the AMP page. #42
  • Bug Fixed: Need to speed up the Googletagmanager.js file in user end. #28
  • Bug Fixed: All Categories check box is not visible in the backend, but it is visible in the front end.. #43
  • Bug Fixed: Subcategories name are not displayed in category list #46

1.25.1 (05 December 2022)

  • Bug Fixed: Fixed issue ‘messaging’ has already been declared With PWA for WP

1.25 (30 November 2022)

  • Enhancement: Tested with WordPress 6.1.1 and update in change log #33
  • Bug Fixed: Fixed escaping issue #34
  • Bug Fixed: When we refresh the current tab it will redirect to the first tab #35
  • Added: Feedback form on plugin deactivation #36
  • Bug Fixed: Resolved warnings showed in Query Monitor Array to string conversion #37
  • Bug Fixed: PHP error array to string issue resolved #38

1.24 (24 September 2022)

  • Improvement: Improvement In pushnotification #745

1.23 (01 June 2022)

  • Bug Fixed: «Ultimate member» real-time notifications are not working in the PWA app #716

1.22 (30 September 2021)

  • Added: Option to display the notification popup banner after the Nth page view #571
  • Added: Option to show the notification popup after the «Nth» seconds. #570
  • Added: Option to show the pop-up after some days again if closed by user. #532

1.21 (20 September 2021)

  • Added: Badge, number of notification will show on the app ICON of PWA #644

1.20 (26 July 2021)

  • Added: Real-time Notifications add-on of Ultimate Member compatibility with Push Notifications for WP & AMP #242

1.19 (23 July 2021)

  • Improvement: Pushnotification compatibility with Automattic amp #329

1.18 (21 May 2021)

  • Improvement: Notification send for Woo commerce order change #585
  • Added: Notification send for Woo-commerce administrator also on order change #585

1.17 (29 April 2021)

  • Enhancement: Added feature for click count information related to every campaign #572
  • Improvement: Added notice for conflict with other notification plugin #603
  • Improvement: Added an filter to change the path of the cookies #602

1.16 (26 February 2021)

  • Improvement: users can send personal one to one push notification pop up messages
  • Compatibility with «PWA for WP & AMP» and «BuddyPress» (Notification feature)

1.15 (13 January 2021)

  • Improvement: Resolve remove empty expiration cookies, added an expiration date for the cookies #560

1.14 (17 November 2020)

  • Improvement: Added translation files
  • Improvement: Added options to change the label of the push notification #490
  • Improvement: added UTM tracking data to track the analytics of push notification #548
  • Improvement: sending push notification to users when the order status changed. #531

1.13 (04 September 2020)

  • Improvement: Given the feature to change the position & message of the push notification bar #471
  • Bug Fixed: Push notification not getting notification while creating post with Gutenberg #481
  • Bug Fixed: Click target on notification, its shows js file #482
  • Bug Fixed: Sending the notification even when the new post/page is unchecked in the options. #458

1.12.1 (09 July 2020)

  • Bug fixed: minor update

1.12 (20 June 2020)

  • Bug fixed: An error is being shown in light house report for push notification with PWA. #394

1.11 (28 May 2020)

  • Bug fixed: Responsive issue of add to home page With AMP #396

1.10 (12 May 2020)

  • Bug fixed: Github link in the report issue #386
  • Added : Added documentation link #385

1.9 (05 May 2020)

  • Improvement: Shortcodes appearing on notification #367

1.8 (25 February 2020)

  • Added : An option to allow user to change icon of notification; For PWA users can change from pwa panel #339
  • Added : an option to send notification with image; user can send message with bigger image;
  • Improvement: POST featured image in bigger image and icon should be common for all notification

1.7 (17 February 2020)

  • Bug fixed: Service worker registration issue fixed on firefox
  • Bug fixed: Push notification token generation not working on Firefox version ^72 #324

1.6 (4 February 2020)

  • Bug fixed: Integration with PWA for WP service worker merge issue remove own Service Worker registration

1.5 (18 January 2020)

  • Resolve: Resolve issue with autoptimize minimize and merge JS
  • Improvement: Notification button design improved for mobile and desktop in AMP
  • Resolve: AMP notification markup removed from IOS safari
  • Bug Fixed: Allow notification page not found while AMP default mobile redirection enabled.

1.4 (8 January 2020)

  • Bug Fixed: Push notification will send on specified user-defined post types
  • Added: Reporting feature for notification success or failure
  • Resolve: Old Validated users added compatibility to get message data
  • Added: Reporting feature compatibility with PWAforWP

1.3 (31 December 2019)

  • Resolve: PWA service worker not update
  • Minor bugs fixes

1.2 (26 December 2019)

  • Added: Compatible with PWA for WP

1.0 (19 December 2019)

  • Minor Settings changes

1.0 (19 December 2019)

  • Version 1.0 Released