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Convert google sheets and CSV spreadsheets into table

Convert google sheets and CSV spreadsheets into table


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Discover the ultimate solution for transforming your WordPress site’s data presentation with our spreadsheet plugin. Seamlessly convert spreadsheets and Google Sheets into captivating tables that captivate your audience effortlessly.

Unlock a world of possibilities with vTables – the plugin designed to meet your every need. Here’s a glimpse into what it offers:

WordPress spreadsheet / google sheet plugin features

  1. Unlimited Tables:
    Create and customize tables to your heart’s content. There are no limits here – whether you’re managing a small business or curating content, vTables empowers you to showcase your data in unlimited ways. 🌟

  2. Unlimited Tables per Page:
    Break free from layout constraints and seamlessly display multiple tables on a single page. With vTables, your users can explore a wealth of information without any hindrance. 🚀

  3. Extract specific values from a sheet
    Effortlessly retrieve specific cell values from your spreadsheets using custom attributes within a shortcode. For example, [vtables id=»1″ row=»1″ column=»email»] lets you grab exactly what you need from your data. 💡

  4. Google Sheets Integration
    Keep your WordPress tables in sync with Google Sheets effortlessly. With just a click, your tables reflect any updates made to your spreadsheet. 🎶
    available for LITE, ADVANCED

  5. WooCommerce Integration
    Enhance your e-commerce strategy by seamlessly managing and displaying product information. Connect your WooCommerce shop with vTables for a cohesive user experience. 🌟
    available in a manual mode only (auto mode still in development).
    available for ADVANCED only

  6. Styling (Extended)
    Customize your tables to match your site’s design seamlessly. With extended styling options, choose color schemes, fonts, and more to create visually stunning tables. 🎨
    available for ADVANCED only

  7. Plain tables
    You can disable plugin default CSS and apply your own to make it perfectly fit for your theme styles.
    Simply set «plain» attribute to «true». E.g. [vtables id=»1″ plain=»true»].
    available for LITE, ADVANCED

  8. Export
    Prepare reports, share insights, or collaborate with your team by seamlessly exporting tables in various formats such as CSV and Excel. 🔗
    available for LITE, ADVANCED

  9. Premium Features (available for ADVANCED only):
    Unlock exclusive premium features like sorting, search, sticky columns, and more to enhance user interaction.

  10. vTables seamlessly integrates with leading site builders such as Divi, Elementor, and WPBakery.
    Whether you’re utilizing Divi table, Elementor table, or WPBakery table, vTables seamlessly integrates with leading site builders. Incorporate tables, CSV spreadsheets, and Google Sheets effortlessly into your site’s design.


– WordPress version 6.4 or higher
– PHP version 8.0 or higher
– Browser compatibility: Edge >= 88, Firefox >= 78, Chrome >= 87, Safari >= 13.1


  • «All Tables» screen
  • «Edit Table» screen
  • «Render Table» screen


Can users without a technical background or development experience use the vTables?

vTables is specifically designed to be the most beginner-friendly and non-technical WordPress table plugin available. Our documentation and user manuals are meticulously crafted to ensure that even individuals with limited technical proficiency can harness the full potential of our table builder effortlessly.

Who is vTables plugin suitable for?

vTables – is a WordPress table plugin that caters to a broad audience, from beginners to experts. The user-friendly interface empowers anyone to comfortably create and customize dynamic tables without the need for coding skills.

Is it possible to import tables from other plugins into vTables?

Certainly, you can seamlessly import tables from other plugins into vTables by exporting them in CSV format.

How can vTables handle long tables with a substantial amount of data?

Managing extensive tables with large datasets is made simple with vTables. You can utilize features such as Pagination to break down tables into segments. Additionally, the Search/Filter option enables quick retrieval of specific information from even the most colossal table datasets.

Can vTables be used to create WooCommerce product tables?

Yes, vTables allows you to create WooCommerce product tables with the added functionality provided by the Advanced add-on.

Can I import tables from Google Sheet or Google Drive?

Yes, vTables allows you to import tables from Google Sheet / Google Drive with the added functionality provided by the Lite add-on or Advanced add-on.


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  • Update compatability with PRO version (google sheets).


  • Fix: empty esc_like throws an error.


  • Fix: removed duplicated CSS files for tabels, google sheets, spreadsheets.


  • Extended shortcode attributes to get a value from specific cell of spreadsheet / table / sheet (google sheets).
  • Removed separate shortcode to get a value from specific cell of spreadsheet / table / google sheet.


  • Added a shortcode to get a value from specific cell of spreadsheet / table / google sheet.


  • Initial Public Beta Release.